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Since the very first order of 31 barn windows was shipped from the Rationel factory in Sonder Felding, Denmark in 1954, Rationel has been characterised by skilled design work and proud craftsmanship.

Today, Rationel supplies bespoke, premium quality windows and doors to families and homebuilders all around the world.

Their energy-saving products combine the aesthetic beauty of natural timber with durable, high performance hardware, bringing your family the highest standards of comfort and security.

Read on to learn how windows and doors can turn your dream home design into a reality.

It is important that the style of your new windows and doors matches your home. Whether you are changing the original windows or replacements installed later, you should always consider the internal as well as external appearance, as you will spend more time looking out of your new windows than looking in! Also, give thought to the practicalities of whether you want your sashes to be inward or outward opening, left or right-hand opening, or for access and egress.

Rationel offers a wide range of window options. So, consider the requirements of your house carefully, and we will find the perfect solution for you and your home.

Rational manufacture bespoke windows and doors designed for almost any building or architectural style.

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